Holding onto Summer


It’s my favorite week.  I drive to convocation with sand still in the trunk of my car from the beach a few days ago.  It’s the week before our suntanned students full of energy and stories from the summer come back.  It’s the week teachers walk around the halls, laminating, smiling and laughing.  It’s the most relaxed I will ever see my colleagues this year and I know it.  Laughter fills the hallway as we greet each other asking about summer adventures, babies and weddings.  No one is worried about data. No one is mad at me because they have new reading and writing units and no professional development time for it.  Well not mad yet…

As teachers the summer recharges us.  It’s a time for us to reflect, renew and regain a positive perspective for the year to come.  I wish I could bottle up this feeling and release these good feelings from the bottle on days when we need it most. Those are the days no one looks up as they pass in the halls or I avoid the halls all together because the message I just had to give will not be well received.

Maybe this is why the sand is still in my trunk of the car.  Maybe I am not lazy.  Maybe it’s just to remind myself to hold onto a little bit of summer.

As I left convocation today a car in bike on carfront of me was doing the same thing.  On the back, hung a bike.  A little bit of summer.  One last ride down the river trail or along the beach.  It represents all the good summer does for us teachers.

My personal goal this year…hang onto the sand and all it represents…But I guess I do need to vacuum the sand out of my car.